Yu Shan was born in Fujian, China. He graduated from Fujian Art School in 1980, and the master study program in Stage Design at Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1985. Sponsored by the Asia Culture Council and granted a full scholarship, Yu Shan received a master's degree in 1989 from Boston University. He now resides in Boston, where he works in a high-ceilinged studio he custom-built for mural painting. Yu Shan also has studios in LA and Shanghai, and frequently travels for creative projects.

He favors watercolor and oil painting, with a particular interest in landscapes. His paintings demonstrate great technique, while suggesting deeper meanings. The tranquility characteristic of Chinese traditional painting inspires Yu Shan's depiction of American landscapes. He exhibits frequently, with collectors ranging from museums, private collections, corporations, and hospitals.

Yu Shan is the only Asian member of the National Society of Mural Painters. His murals are on permanent display and held in the collections of dozens of museums, including the Museum of Science in Boston, .

Member of National Society of Mural Painters, US
Member of American Watercolor Society, US
Professor of Shanghai Theater Academy, China



原籍中国福建, 1980年毕业于福建艺术学校并留校任教, 1985年考取上海戏剧学院舞台美术研究生,1986年获亚洲文化委员会资助和波士顿大学全额奖学金赴美深造,1989年从波士顿大学毕业获艺术硕士学位,并被授予优秀国际学者奖。现居波士顿,同时在洛杉矶,上海等地建立工作室,全方位投身艺术创作。

擅长水彩,油画风景,常选取美国寻常景致进行描绘并作写意提炼,画面平朴,意境悠远,异国风光的描绘中隐现着中国传统美学的宁静淡远,在美国画坛中别具一格。多年来在美国常举办展览,作品广为国外报刊刊载,并被许多私人,大公司和医院所收藏。 俞山在美国壁画界,博物馆界也备受推崇。他是美国壁画协会里唯一的亚裔会员,连年入选“美国艺术名人录”。多年来为美国的十数个博物馆创作了几十幅壁画,成为社会公众对其作品的最大承认和收藏。